MicroCal Refills and Returns

How to Return your MicroCal for Refills or to Get Your Deposit Back

You've enjoyed the MicroCal, but now you're out of gas and it's time to return it.  We have two options for you:

  1. Refill the MicroCal - Send the cylinder back to us, and we'll send it back to you with the same calibration gas you ordered before (we'll also charge you $90 for the refill and $15 for shipping).

  2. Return the MicroCal - If you don't need calibration gas anymore, you can always return the MicroCal to us to get your deposit back.  If you choose this option, we'll wait to get the MicroCal back.  Once we receive it back with the form, we'll check it out to make sure it hasn't been damaged, and if it's in working shape we'll send you a check with your deposit back within 30 days.

With either option, it's going to be the same process as outlined below.

Download the Refill/Return Form 

Instructions for Refills/Returns

  1. Fill out this form with your details including Company Name, Serial Number (from bottom of the MicroCal), contact phone, email address, and company address.

  2. Place this form and MicroCal inside a box and affix a UPS Ground or Fedex Ground shipping label addressed to: Ideal Calibrations, 2750 Oakwood Blvd., Melvindale, MI 48122 on the outside of the box.

  3. Affix the Department of Transportation Limited Quantity Exemption (the black and white square sticker with the white stripe in the middle and black stripes on the outside) to the outside of the package, making sure it doesn't cover any of the other labels on the package.

  4. Somewhere conspicuous on the package (near the DOT LQE label is best), write the two highest concentrations in the MicroCal on the outside of the cylinder inside of parenthesis. For 4-gas, this would look like "(Nitrogen, Oxygen)". For a single component Carbon Monoxide mix with Nitrogen balance, it would be "(Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide)". For a Carbon Monoxide mix with Air balance, it would read "(Nitrogen, Oxygen)".

  5. Ship the package as you would any other ground package. We will let you know when we receive it. If you've requested your deposit returned, we'll send you a check within 30 days. If you would like a refill, we will confirm your order and contact you for payment. Most refills are filled and shipped within a week.